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Captivate Me.
More Trees, Less Bush. [27 Nov 2003|03:00pm]

It is my recollection that George Bush had his "read my lips" tax increase sometime prior to the 1992 election, and that the acclaimed Clinton budget agreement in 1993 or so involved a tax increase. Reagan had tax cuts. In England Margaret Thacher loosened the chokehold of labor unions on the British economy and cut taxes, which allegedly led to great economic turnaround for England.

I wish economists would produce definitive and consensus analyses of the effect of the foregoing governmental policies and actions and their effects on the national economies and announce the same to the American public and that the politicians and political parties could sign on to the same and otherwise shut up on the management of the US economy, at least as to past history.

I think the fact of the matter is that the economists cannot agree very well and they know they do not know and cannot know these things with a great deal of certainty and for sure the politicians do not know either and know they do not know but have no problem speaking to the electorate as if they know and no problem bragging about how much better they and their party are and will be in "managing" the economy through governmental policy.

But then we all know that politicians are so full of bullshit their eyes are brown.

Voters of course are the ones who (unlike the politicians) personally feel the effects of the good or bad state of the economy and, when it is not so good, are the ones who are suffering. It is very understandable that they would very much like for the government to be able to "manage" the economy and avoid its cycles and downturns and recessions that inflict economic pain on people. Politicians, being the predators, parasites and bullshitters that they are, are quick to exploit this desire to believe that voters have. I consider this most unfortunate for the hapless voters.

Tax policy deserves a particular mention. We know that voters (human beings) are going to be interested in reducing their own taxes and, if new taxes are going to be levied, to avoid them on one’s self and get them imposed on others. This leads to never ending battles between the political parties over taxation, particularly when taxation is to be changed.

Is there anything that can serve as a standard of fairness? It would be nice for there to be agreement, for example, that the wealthiest five percent of the population shall pay a certain percent (say 30% or 50%) of all taxes, and so on down the scale, and that the legislatures will act to preserve the agreed levels of taxation. Ultimately, that is not going to be workable or practicable, and there are ongoing tugs and pushes that shift these percentage levels back and forth.

Regarding the Bush tax cuts that are currently the subject of much debate, I greatly discount the bona fides and legitimacy of opposing contentions about their good or bad impact on the economy (because I doubt the ability, as discussed above, of economists to know and agree to a meaningful extent about the impact in the future. This mainly camouflages the substance of what is going on, to wit, voters prefer their own taxes to be reduced and for tax increases to be imposed on others, the politicians and political parties respond to these desires and their particular constituencies in order to try to win elections, and bullshit and spinning starts getting flung and spun every which way.

I will say that I am inclined to believe that the Reagan and Thacher tax cuts did play a more significant impact on the US and English economies at the time than either the Bush 41 "read my lips" tax increase or the Clinton budget agreement. I prefer not to be the one who presses that debate very hard, and I really economists would do their best to shed biases and reach agreement in this arena.

I am also inclined to believe that "free trade" is better for the world’s economies and the citizens of those economies and that efforts to reduce tariffs and trade restrictions should be supported. At the same time, I am not and have never been a US textile worker, or a European farmer who depends on farm subsidies, or a US factory worker trying to compete against developing country factory workers working under labor conditions deemed not acceptable in the US and in factories not subject to environmental regulation as in the US. If "free trade" is better for all the world’s economies, I do not have any absolute sense about circumstances under which the value of "free trade" should be foregone in order to lessen economic disadvantages for US workers who suffer if particular trade restrictions are eliminated or how such workers should otherwise be taken care of under government policies.

I mentioned an educated work force as a very important component to a prosperous economy. There is ongoing strenuous debate about how the US can better educate its children, including about charter schools and school vouchers, cultural influences and habits, educational bureaucracies, national standardized testing, etc. Education funding is mainly at the local level. Also the effects on the national economy of the quality of education of the nation’s children currently is more long term than short term, and current economic malaise to the extent attributable to an inadequately educated work force (which may not be at all) is not caused by anything Bush 43 has done and will not be alleviated during the term of whoever is elected President in 2004.

Captivate Me.
[23 Aug 2003|09:11pm]

Alright, as your owner-chick of this community, I found it necessary to inform you that I shall be taking my leave tomorrow from the internet world due to my determination to expand upon my studies. What with school beginning for me the twenty-fifth and all, it seemed to make sense that I would do such a thing. Now, I do want you to continue to post here and intoxicate one another's lives -- because I made this community for that purpose. Enjoy.

Much Love,
-- L4cy.

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[23 Aug 2003|02:29pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

So, Lacy, is this your fan site? I was just wondering cuz I am your biggest fan! *squeels* Anyone dare to challenge that? I didn't think so!

Captivate Me.
[22 Aug 2003|11:45pm]

[ mood | excited ]

1) Your Name: Patricia Paige Gach. . . but you can just call me GOD, or Trish
2) Your Location: Columbia, SC / Myrtle Beach, SC
3) Your Interests: USC, writing, reading, hanging with friends, AIM, Yahoo IM, Internet. . .
4) Your Picture (Optional): i don't have a pic on this comp, but you can pretend that my icon is me!
5) Where did you hear about Publish?: Lacy owns!

Captivate Me.
[22 Aug 2003|10:02am]

Hee. We've members and things. ;D Interact, make love, shove ebonics in one another's face! <3

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[21 Aug 2003|05:27pm]

1) Your Name:Exousia (Michelle)
2) Your Location:Winnipeg, Manitoba
3) Your Interests:See user info theres a lot of em
4) Your Picture (Optional):picture...eh? Here ya go P.S Meow</a>

5) Where did you hear about Publish?:You...as in l4cy you...

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[21 Aug 2003|04:09pm]

1) Your Name: Blaine
2) Your Location: El Dorado, Arkansas
3) Your Interests: Drawin, Writin, Messin round on the comp, Pericings, Gettin High, Gettin Drunk, Partyin, Being Stupid, Ect...
4) Your Picture (Optional):
5) Where did you hear about Publish?:rejects_galore

1 Caressed  my   Captivate Me.
[21 Aug 2003|08:57pm]

Hello, here on request of l4cy (oh, she was e'er so polite -_^)!


~♥~ Name ~♥~
Lisa Marie

~♥~ Location ~♥~
North West of England, land of rain and all that is British, haha -_^

~♥~ Interests ~♥~
*Takes deep breath* Black wrought iron knick-knacks, beautiful old cathedrals, churches and buildings with the lovely stonework and architecture, gargoles (ugly and mean looking sometimes, but hey...so are mirrors ;)...), music of varying varieties, those lovely blood-reddy-orangey-ish-rar sunsets that are always a nice greeting, the overgrown old section of the graveyard with all the victorian stones in (more gargoles and poetry), ah poetry, dried roses, velvet (purrr), corsets (*purrrr...orgasm*), tottering around searching for random items to buy for room purposes or next random sewing encounter, the really heavy type of rain that soaks you through (and you can dance like a loon in for no apparent reason). The beautiful ivy plant in my bedroom, the bats that live in my loft that we watch in the summer twilight (which I'm delusionally convinced would make very good house-pets!). Skittles!! Piercings, mmmm. Stuff. Stuff stuff stuff.... just ask!!

~♥~ Pictures ~♥~

I have more, these are just the first random ones I found -_^

~♥~ Refered from... ~♥~
l4cy's journal =)

So yeah... RAR! Hit me baybee!

Captivate Me.
The Beginning [21 Aug 2003|04:07pm]

As one can imagine, I find it to be an honor to have possession of such a community. I hope that it takes way quickly, and that people adapt to such. In reference to the questions, here is my own personal information:
1) Your Name: Lacy.
2) Your Location: Surfside Beach, South Carolina.
3) Your Interests: Surfing, computers, everything else listed in my user information.
4) Your Picture (Optional):

5) Where did you hear about Publish?: I own Publish.

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